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Canon: Gundam Wing

Character: Heero Yuy

Timeline: The end of Odds & Evens, the Gundam Pilots have helped end the war between the Earth and the Colonies, and Heero (along with the other pilots) have retired to a resource satellite to rest.

Even as a young child Heero was serious and lacked many of the characteristics generally associated with children. He rarely does things just for fun. Its even odd to see him with a smile on his face. Whether this is the result of his unconventional upbringing, or just a natural trait is unsure. Conflicts between the Colonies and Earth had been common place for years before Heero was even born. So his emotional detachment could be a result of the political and military turmoil he was born into. Therefore its easy to say that he doesn't connect well with other people and comes off as emotionally cold. He never had a family to help him make those important early connections, instead learning everything he knows from an assassin and a scientist, both of which trained him to be a killer. 
Heero was specifically trained to follow orders and complete his missions no matter the personal cost. This means he can be ruthless when it comes to his missions, and has a very clear set of priorities. He doesn't like deviating from his mission plan unless he is forced to improvise. And while he isn't a master strategist, he can put together a decent battle or mission plan within a few minutes if needed. If there is someone better, he has no problem in asking them to take the lead in things. Because Heero believes that there is no sense in doing something unless it is done right. His single minded determination leads him to take risks and go to extremes that not many others would resort to. In order to not compromise his mission or the other pilots Heero was willing to self destruct on many occasions. He at one point told J that life is cheap, especially his, presumably because he has no family, and expects that no one would miss him. He was trained be a tool with which peace between the Colonies and Earth could be achieved, so if he were to die in that process, he knew that it was necessary. Before the end of the final battle to save both the Earth and the Colonies, he had come to realize that living, surviving, was the more difficult of his options though. And that to survive in order to continue protecting the peace he'd been fighting so hard for would be the true completion of his mission. Heero is also known to push the limits of his skill, body and Gundam to accomplish his missions. 
His compassion was seen by some in the Barton Foundation as a weakness, however it can be argued that it is Heero's greatest strength. While he was trained, and re-trained to be the perfect soldier, and to abandon his humanity to do so, his compassion prevents him from becoming a killing machine. He doesn't wish to kill innocents and civilians, becoming unsure of his purpose and ultimate mission if all he is meant to be is a killer. As a child, Odin told him to live by what his heart told him. It takes Heero time to fully understand and live by this philosophy himself, even though he shares it with others. Internally he is torn by his childlike honesty and desire to help others, and by the things he's been told he must do in order to help those people. Logically he knows that killing innocent people, or even soldiers will not change things if the people he is fighting for do not want that change. So through his fighting he tries to prove that peace and freedom are possible, and not beyond the Colonist's grasp. While he supports total pacifism to a degree, he realizes that without anyone to stand up to tyrants they will just continue to suppress people. So in order for people like Relena to succeed in their mission of peace, Heero is willing to not only fight, but become a protector. Throughout the series, Heero is praised for his kindness, purity and ability to empathize with people. He becomes a symbol for hope because of his unwillingness to give up and his ability to survive insurmountable odds.
Overall Heero is quiet and introverted. He doesn't waste words and can come off as blunt due to his honesty. His actions more often speak louder than anything he says though. When Quatre used the ZERO System for the first time and attacked Trowa's suit, Heero would not allow the other pilot to attempt to rescue Trowa. Heero wanted to show Quatre the consequences of his actions, even if that meant losing a comrade himself. By keeping Quatre from saving Trowa, he forced Quatre to look at his actions for what they were and come to the realization himself that he'd made a mistake. He's constantly thinking things through and looking for the best way to handle things. While he does occasionally do things seemingly on impulse, they tend to have a well thought out reason behind them, which eventually becomes clear to everyone else around him. Even with his difficulty connecting with people on an individual basis, he is very understanding of others. He doesn't have empathic abilities quite like Quatre does, but he is always very aware of what is going on emotionally with those around him. He's also learned not to make judgements of people and that getting to know them before deciding anything about them allows for a truer impression of the person.
Heero acts somewhat differently with each of the other pilots. With Duo he is more straight forward and is very careful not to let Duo gain too much ground when it comes to their 'friendship'. He doesn't respond to Duo's joking around, takes advantage of the other boy's willingness on multiple occasions, and threatens to kill him should he ever become a burden. His relationship with Trowa is more laid back to a degree. Trowa's easy going nature flows easily with Heero's. They don't need to speak to understand one another. And this allows Heero to relax around him. Heero sees potential in Quatre and thus finds opportunities to push the blond's limits. He knows that Quatre is a better strategist, and a better leader, not to mention trusted by all of them. Quatre's own empathy allows him to understand and connect on an emotional level as well. Having both made their share of mistakes they are able to understand the weight that the other has on their shoulders. Most of all, Heero respects Wufei for his strength and fighting prowess. While he can't relate to the other boy's passion in many cases, he still does his best to understand and support him. However Heero does habour fierce rivalries with both Trieze and Zechs that put him on par with Wufei's rivalry with Treize. They both strive to be better than men with much more experience and in the end they both succeed in surpassing their rivals. One thing that all those close to him are aware of though is Heero's odd sense of humour. While he may not mean to make certain things into jokes, his serious nature can make things funny. And since his delivery is always so dead pan its difficult to tell what is in fact a joke, and what isn't.

Gundam Wing Timeline
Gundam Wikia Entry This entry includes background created for Frozen Teardrop, a supplemental novel series that the fandom generally does not consider canon, for Heero's background.
Series Info

As a young boy, Heero was taken in by Odin Lowe, a trained assassin. Odin taught him how to handle a variety of weapons until Heero was about eight years old and the older man was killed. Heero was then discovered by Doctor J, one of the scientists that built the Gundams. From AC 188 to AC 195 Heero was trained by J to help the Barton Foundation complete Operation Meteor, dropping a colony on Earth with the aid of the Gundams. However when it was finally time to initiate the operation though, J and the other scientists decided to give their young wards an altered version of it. Rather than dropping a colony, they would attack Alliance forces on Earth, and thus limit civilian casualties. Before Heero left for Earth, J gave him the code name: Heero Yuy, after the pacifist whom the scientists and their collaborators were following by attempting to free the colonies from the Alliance's rule.

Once he arrived on Earth, Heero started his missions. Over the course of the next few weeks he met the other four Gundam pilots, and while they had some success, ultimately Heero destroys a transport carrying pacifist leaders. He then destroys his Gundam with the intent of killing himself. Barely alive, Trowa takes him to the circus he uses to hide so that Heero can recover. After he heals enough to move around he travels with Trowa for a time, eventually agreeing to fight Zechs. Their battle is interrupted and Heero goes back to his missions escaping to space along with the other pilots when the situation on Earth becomes too much for the five Gundams on their own. When trying to kill the scientists responsible for creating the Gundams and training the suits' pilots, Heero is captured by OZ. They decide to use him as a test pilot for the new suits they had forced the scientists to build. During a test run with Trowa, they run into Quatre in a new Gundam called Wing Zero. They quickly discover that Quatre is not himself, later discovering that a system designed to amplify a pilot's skills was influencing him. Quatre attacked them, destroying Trowa's suit, but Heero continued to fight him until he got through to the other pilot. They're both captured and used to test the ZERO System's capabilities until they escape to Earth.

Back on Earth, Heero joins a group former OZ soldiers turned mercenaries for a time. After a few conflicts he reunites with Quatre in the Sanq Kingdom for a time. As soon as it becomes clear that their presence will do more harm than good to the small nation they part ways again. Heero continues fighting with Wing Zero until it is damaged. Treize offers him a new suit, Epyon, which is based off of the Gundams and also uses the ZERO System. The conflicts continue, eventually moving to space again. A new group, White Fang, which claims to be following Heero Yuy's vision threatens to destroy the Earth with the use of a large beam canon attached to a battleship. Heero along with the other pilots fight their way through both White Fang and Romefeller's forces and disable the beam canon. However White Fang decides to try to drop the battleship on Earth. The pilots manage to destroy most of the battleship, and Heero uses Wing Zero's beam rifle to destroy the remaining pieces. With the battle over, all of the pilots return to a resource satellite to recuperate.

Abilities/Additional Notes: 
Heero has been trained since he was very young to handle weapons ranging from handguns to rocket launchers and plastic explosives. He spent seven or more years training specifically to be a terrorist and to pilot his Gundam. He's a skilled pilot and driver, albeit a tad reckless. He also knows how to repair his own equipment as well as alter parts to work, hot-wire cars, and cobble together whatever he may need. Decent in a hand-to-hand fight, and able to hack high security systems, he's the jack-of-all-terrorist trades and is possibly the most versatile of all the pilots. Additionally Heero has a working knowledge of combat first aid, and survival tactics including how to build shelters, find edible food and drinkable water.
He is also incredibly durable, able to survive explosions, gun shots, the fall from a cliff and his Gundam's cockpit. His strength is nearly super human as shown by the fact he was able to break through heavy leather restraints without any cutting tools. He has high physical and mental stamina, proven by being one of the few to master the ZERO System. Heero also seems to have a high tolerance to pain, medications and temperatures. He is also able to regulate his vital signs in order to fake being asleep or sedated.

First-Person Sample:
[There is silence for a few moments before Heero gathers his thoughts and starts to speak.]
I've decided to look for supplies that may be needed within the city.
[He looks unsure for a moment before proceeding.]
I'll be leaving the safe-zone to do so. But if anyone that is capable of handling themselves is interested in coming with me I won't stop them. Supplies will be gathered in order of importance from the list of requested items. Contact me if you have anything to request or if you are interested in coming along. I'll be leaving before dawn two days from now and heading northeast.
[The feed lowers as if he's going to turn it off, but then his face comes back into view.]
If you intend on coming along, bring something to protect yourself with.
End of transmission.

Third-Person Sample:
It was hard to get used to a new place. The stars were different. There were two moons. And while overall the city reminded Heero of Earth, this was not Earth. At night the city was nearly silent and eerily calm. If you weren't paying attention at least. Smaller animals could be heard skittering about looking for food or a place to hide from the larger animals. And every once in a while there would the sound of something crumbling in the distance.
But under the strange, night sky Heero could think. He'd been taken away from everything he'd ever known. And while it hadn't seemed like much, coming to this place had proven to Heero just how connected he was to both the Earth and the Colonies now. He missed them. He'd never had a home, but he missed his own world. Having the other pilots there helped to a degree, but he felt like he had no purpose in this place.
He could help rebuild things. Search for supplies, and maybe try to protect people if they were attacked by one of the monsters lurking at the edges of the city. That wasn't exactly what he was used to though, or what he'd expected to be doing once the war was finally finished. He would have to create a new mission for himself. He'd become a protector for the colonies and the few people close enough to him to be considered friends and comrades. So he could do the same here. At least he hoped he could. He had the skills so it was only a matter of figuring out exactly how to apply them in this place.
Realizing that the second moon was close to setting, Heero sat up from where he'd been laying on the roof of the church that Quatre and Trowa had been restoring. They would probably be up by then, making coffee and trying to decide what odd assortment of food would constitute as breakfast. Using the array of ladders and steps the other two pilots had rigged to traverse from the ground to the roof, Heero climbed down. After spending the last part of the war in space, Heero had been finding it difficult to acclimatize to sleeping at night. Especially since he didn't necessarily need to sleep a full eight hours. It wasn't exactly good for him, but if it meant he'd have time to think, then he was willing to sacrifice a bit of sleep. At least until Quatre figured out a way to guilt him into sleeping.
He made his way back into the church and accepted a cup of coffee and a worried look from Quatre. The blond didn't need to say anything, Heero could guess at what he was thinking. If he ran himself ragged and got into trouble he'd be on his own. That was how it had always been before. And he was used to taking care of himself. 
As he waited for his friends to finish preparing breakfast, Heero began to make out a supply list based on what he knew they needed. He'd been learning the city bit by bit as he'd searched for supplies or things that could be transformed into what they needed. A lot of areas were picked over, but Heero didn't intend to stay within the confines of the wall for much longer. It might be dangerous, but the war had been dangerous as well. And he was willing to take a few risks if it meant finding food or other necessities. After all, he hadn't survived this long by waiting for things to be handed to him.